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February Cafe

Neuroscientists have demonstrated that our brains are "wired for story" as stories have the power to be memorable, create deep emotional connections, and to be a powerful catalyst for action.

Charities, social enterprises and other third sector organisations are crammed with great stories – come to our next Third Sector cafe to learn how you can unlock them and make them work for you.

Presenter for this cafe is Jamie Veitch, described in 2016 as “one of the top 10 social enterprise consultants in the UK” when running a workshop for social entrepreneurs on an international MBA programme.

Jamie has launched and run businesses and social enterprises; been a voluntary board member for other social enterprises and charitable organisations; consults for organisations across the UK (and sometimes worldwide) and has the odd (in fact, very odd) story to tell of his own. He is a Senior Associate with Keep Your Fork Ltd, the multiple-award winning Sheffield-based social purpose PR and marketing agency run by Faye Smith.

Extensive research has demonstrated stories’ effectiveness; Jamie’s presentation will introduce the principles of creating effective and emotionally resonant stories.

You’ll also experience examples of effective stories in presentations, emails to potential donors and funders, news releases, videos, and on marketing materials. And you’ll end the workshop with a copy of Jamie’s worksheet to help you to generate stories to support your charity’s or social enterprise’s objectives.