What shall we talk about this Autumn?

Welcome back to the Third Sector Cafe after our summer break as we head into Autumn!

This Autumn I've decided to ask for a bit of help in finalising the programme. I've listed 5 possible cafe topics below and added a poll at the bottom asking you to let me know which is relevant, and which not. Could you take a second to let me know how helpful you would find each topic? I will then finalise the programme by featuring the topics that people say would be most helpful.

As always, each cafe session is about 2 hours long and aims to offer practical problem solving and support for issues you're dealing with now. 2 hr cafe sessions are £15 and normally run on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 9.30 am to 11.30/12 noon at Harland Works. Other sessions maybe different prices.

Thank you for your input!

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Ongoing funding challenges mean non-profits are constantly looking for ways to become more self sustaining. For some this includes generating their own income. Helen Middleton has over a decade of experience helping non-profits in the furniture poverty sector get creative with their business models and find ways to deliver on their mission AND generate income through a variety of business models. These skills are transferable - so if income generation is on your to-do list this autumn, join us for a cafe discussion to be inspired by Helen's insight into different business models that she's seen working, and get some help looking at the options which might work for you.

Get heard!.png

People have said they’d like this session and so we have now schuled Rik to come and talk specifically about facebook for charities on 18 October BOOK

Rik Courtney is a passionate and skilled advocate for the benefits of social media for charities and small businesses that want to 'be heard' and get their message out. He is not a fan of outsourcing your social media to someone else - instead he specialises in de-mystifying the world of social media so that we are better equipped to do our own posts and tweets! Through his Doncaster based company Be More Social he supports his clients to get better results. If you are still struggling to make the best use of facebook, twitter, instagram... or even LinkedIn, Rik will inspire you - and help you feel confident in getting a workable plan together!


Funding strategies!.png

Beth Crackles is offering to run a workshop on developing a funding strategy to diversify your charity’s income. Beth has real-life and academic experience of supporting organisations in developing and implementing their funding strategies, as well as leading fundraising teams. She aims to leave you armed with the tools and confidence to identify which voluntary income streams would be best for your charity to pursue and how to plan for income growth. This is a great session for charities who feel a little too dependent on one or two income streams or who are looking to grow income over the coming years.

Goal setting.png

Goal Setting in the Third Sector: are you a leader, senior manager or project manager in the not for profit sector? Do you struggle to find time to really focus on your strategy: what will bring the biggest impact for the communities you seek to help?

Led by Jen McCanna, this 2 hour session is designed to help you think big, think creatively and then turn that into a realistic set of objectives for the next 6 months. You will:

  • Clarify what you need to focus on over the next few years to deliver the best results for the people you seek to help

  • explore the (internal and external) resources you have to help you achieve those results

  • use this to create some meaningful, manageable objectives for the next 6 months to set your plans in motion.

Workshop attendees will go away having used some really practical exercises to help them Think Big about the direction of their organisation, department or project: “I’ve been doing goal setting for yonks, but I have to say the results of that session you ran were absolutely transformational. Perhaps the most useful development session I’ve ever attended” – a participant on Jennifer’s  2017 goal setting workshop at Union Street.

Campaign bootcamp.png

People have expressed interest in this session and so we are going to do a series of ‘how to design a campaign emails’ leading up to a ‘bootcamp’ session where people have the opportunity to spend a day together getting their campaign plan sorted! November 15 (9.30 am to 4.40 pm) BOOK

Do you have events, fundraising drives, legacy programmes etc to promote? Do you ever get the feeling that you are a bit behind the curve with planning (and doing!) your promotional campaigns? Do you live with a nagging sneaky suspicion that you didn't quite manage to be as effective as you meant to be? Help is at hand! You can beat the curve by using our patent campaign toolkit to plan your next promotion. Third Sector Cafe founder Sophy Hallam will lead this fast paced 2 hour 'bootcamp' where we'll support each other to pin down our message, audience and communication channels and schedule a 90 day plan that will run smoothly AND get results! Phew. Come and join us in a fun and productive session that'll help you shift that nagging feeling that you should be doing more ... (or is that just me?!). 

Your feedback!
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