What makes a great charity website?

third sector cafe

 – yes, we know that there are a lot of other ingredients that go into a really good website but ultimately if it’s just a fancy shop front with nothing to back it up - it isn’t going to work. We know that there are many amazing charities, social enterprises, voluntary groups out there so we know there is massive potential! But we know that many lack the confidence!

So, what stops people?  We know from our survey that you are struggling with your websites – you think that you haven’t got the skills

My skills are limited
— campaigning conservation charity
Knowing what content to include
— domestic abuse charity

 and you get confused by web jargon and you’ve been given bad advice

Too large a choice of providers of design & build services, sometimes with conflicting views on what would be best.
— national environmental charity

and have web developers who have the best intentions but don’t actually deliver because your website is not top of their list. We also know that the sector has lots to offer and is needed now more than ever

third sector cafe hub

There is lots of evidence around good websites but how that relates to the vast array of organisations is not always clear cut, you all have differing personalities, needs and skill levels, and budgets – so how do you know what makes your website stand out?


You are organisations driven by purpose and having a clear website that backs that up and delivers what you need it to. This can be as simple as the difference between a website with professionally drawn graphics (the designers way) verses graphics created by your users – perhaps not the designers choice but ultimately for your organisation a great fit.

Looking at what you want and need your website to do is a clear way to help it stand out – less is more in the world of websites where people glance for seconds and you need to grab them straight away. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few different websites – think about it as different publications for different aspects of your work – from fundraising to reaching out the communities you want to impact.

You know your organisations, you know your goals and aspirations - let us know what you are really passionate about – what’s your organisations purpose?