Top tips about PR for charities

Becky and Claire from Slack Communications shared their top tips for PR success for charities at November's cafe. This storify captures some of the our conversation in tweets from the cafe which came at a good time for the 3 people in the audience who are currently putting new PR and Comms strategies together.

Some of the top tips we discussed included:

  • Choose your priority audience, but don’t try and reach “the general public”. Eg local residents in single person households
  • Pick your goals– rather than trying to be all things to all people eg “in 2017 we want more people living within 10 mins walk to know about us”.
  • Plan ahead – write a case study in advance. Be ready to send it to journalists if you see a way you can make it newsworthy. Eg befriending schemes are a good way to help isolated older people during sudden snow/flood
  • News cycle – can you use upcoming news events to get your message out? Eg Autumn statement changes (fuel prices, cost of food etc) mean vulnerable older people need our befriending more than ever
  • Build relationships – share information your target audience finds helpful all the time. Don’t just send info when you want them to tell them something about your organisation!
  • Identify particular journalists and build relationships – do they know how to get hold of you? Do they know what you do? Will you respond with the comment they need before their 3 pm deadline?

Quite a few people said they'd be taking inspiration from Becky and Claire's suggestions and would going back to their organisations to try and put into practice some of the things we'd discussed.

If this topic is relevant for you and you'd like more info, you might like to visit the resources section on Slack Communication’s website for more top tips.  


Sophy Hallam