Using a website to make the world a better place


When we were looking at websites we spoke with a social enterprise called Chatterbox – they are doing great things using refugees skills and developing something which adds value to society, to the refugees and to paying customers – and their website is crucial to all of it:

We wanted to share with you how they use and view their website:

 Mursal Hedayat, founder of Chatterbox, a social enterprise based in London. Chatterbox offers online and in-person language tutoring delivered by refugees – they’ve been in operation for just over one year.

What impact does your website have on your organisation?

Our website and the surrounding technology are at the heart of what we do. It’s our ‘shop-front’, our recruitment platform, and at the heart of our communications. We also use it to
connect refugees to other work and education opportunities through our regular employment
bulletin via email.

How do you run your website?

Because we are so young as an organisation, there is always the opportunity to progress!
We update our site continuously – it’s an iterative process of experiencing, reflecting, conceptualising and planning. Content is usually divided between myself and some of our work experience people (often refugees). Development is done by a team of volunteers, and
we have a UX designer lending her eye to all our processes.

What’s the best thing about your website?

The best thing about our website (in my opinion!) is our team page, introducing the tutors and their interests.
When it comes to learning languages, it’s essential to make it as
contextual as possible – so by presenting the tutors and their personal/professional interests, learners can make an informed choice about who they’ll be talking to, AND an exciting connection.

How do you see your website and offer developing?

The frontend of the site runs on Squarespace, which does well to meet our needs for now. However, we’re currently developing a custom scheduler to make sure our booking experience is the best it can be. This project is a massive task, and is being completed by our fantastic team of volunteer web developers, and are in the process of recruiting a CTO. We
are also just about to launch a new brand identity, so watch this space!

If you had to describe the purpose of your website in one sentence what would it be?

To build connections between people and cultures. This means we’re always asking ourselves, how can we facilitate that better?

Thank you so much to  Mursal and Chatterbox for sharing their thinking with us - it's great to hear about an exciting and developing organisation committed to making the world a better place. 

Sophy HallamHarland Works