Sophy's choice: suggested resources on PR for nonprofits

In our November Café we are exploring ideas for harnessing the benefits of PR for your charitable/not for profit cause. Book online to join us. 

Until then, if this topic is something you're interested in, you might find some things on our list of helpful resources below useful. 


We're featuring the website of Slack Communications as Director Becky Slack will be our speaker at the November Cafe. The site features some useful resources such as this article on 10 ways a charity can get better media coverage.

Case Study

Good Work have a couple of interesting case studies on their website - this one shows how they managed to tap into the power of radio by getting a campaign for RNID on Radio 4's Today programme.

A Video

This collection of videos picked out by the Guardian illustrates how some charities have found ways to use video to raise their profile with the media and wider audiences.

Useful Apps

Stuck on ideas for cost effective ways to use video? Youtube have a series of tools for nonprofits, explained in short videos, which can give you some ideas of ways to get videos online at a low cost.

A Blog

Beth Kanter is a PR and marketing guru in the USA. Her blog, and books, are universally sited as influential and she wins lots of awards. She specialises in helping US based nonprofits get more impact with low budgets. 

A Course

Press releases are the corner stone of PR strategies. If you're not sure how to write a good one, there are lots of helpful courses out there- see for example the ones the Press Association runs (£500) or the NCVO KnowHow course for £8.99. Or, for a Sheffield based course, Keep Your Fork run Brand Booster workshops which cover press releases and more. 

Shelf Help - A Book

And finally, here's a suggestion for a book which might be helpful.

Sophy Hallam