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We think JUSTINE’S TIPS ON CREATING A GOOD PRESS RELEASE are so helpful and easy to understand that we wanted to share them with you - take a look and let us know what you think: 

What are journalists looking for in a human interest story?

T – Topical; of the moment, timely, new and something people are talking about

R - Relevant to a specific audience

U – Unusual; not what people already know or expect. Something which will surprise the audience. Is it the first? The biggest? The smallest? In the world of social media it is something which will make people click through to the story (clickbait).

T – Trouble. Show how you are solving a problem. If your story is not strong enough a journalist will look for the conflict angle.

H – Human interest. What is in it for people? What impact will it have on your beneficiaries/volunteers/homelessness/social care etc?

looking at creating press interesting stories

What type of content? 

·         Triumph over adversity

·         Unsung heroes

·         People who ‘help the vulnerable’

·         Human achievement

·         Bravery

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Justine's  additional thoughts…

  • Local stories that piggyback topical themes 
  • Stories that show passion and authentic voices
  • Stories that look sideways, beyond lazy stereotypes and passive ‘victims’
  • And above all…

Stories that expose the complexity and the innate beauty of human beings.

If you are looking for tips on how to structure a human interest press release then take a look at this article.

One of the most important aspects to look at it is the image you can use to accompany the story:

A decent quality picture really helps your chances of getting published. Make sure you clearly detail who is in the picture left to right, and credit the source of the image. Make sure you have the necessary signed consent for usage of the image in the release.
Sophy Hallam