Help! IT is Broken

Although IT security can be quite a daunting topic, our first speaker Andrew from Resolve IT,  did manage to make it feel very ‘real’ to many of us in the room in his presentation - not least because two charities had personal experience of two of the security issues he spoke about.

One of these was “ransomware”. This is where a hacker gains access to your files and ‘encrypts’ them so that you can no longer use them. They then send you a message demanding you pay a ransom before they’ll release your files. Just imagine – you come to work one day to find your supporter database, client files, annual accounts, reports for your contract manager, HR files … or any other of the essential files you use every day are no longer accessible! The situation was so desperate that this charity decided to pay the ransom – but there is no guarantee that this will work – they may well not release your files, even if you do pay. This short BBC clip shows how frighteningly easy it is to create ransom wear. 

Another was the problem of getting your website hacked. This had also happened to another charity in the room – in between booking their ticket for this TSC and coming along to our event. Andrew went through the three main ways someone can easily hack your website .. and what to do about them – and a quick look on youtube offers up lots of video instructions telling people how to hack websites!

Sophy Hallam