Ways to find - and give - hope

With Third Sector Cafe co-founder Laura now living in America, having moved there from Totley last year, our conversations now often revolve round American news as well as UK events. This has meant that, over the past year, our discussions have ranged over Trump, hurricanes and shootings in the USA and brexit, Boris and Grenfell in the UK. Such an agenda can, at times, feel a bit grim.  

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Despite yet another eventful week of international turmoil and political upheaval, this week we found ourselves talking about an inspiring Ted talk that Laura has come across in her research for some emails we're planning to share with you soon on the topic of leadership. One in particular cheered us both up a lot - and renewed our enthusiasm for 'keeping on doing' good stuff - even if it feels like any good stuff you can do is on a micro scale in the face of what's needed. We thought you might like to take a listen too - its only 3 minutes long.  

“It’s an encouraging listen about all of our potential to change someones life for the better, and in ways we probably don’t even know we have done.  For me this is what this sector is about - changing the lives of people, going beyond the board brush statements and government statistics, and seeing the individuals”
— Laura

 It's on this link - its the first talk about 'lollipop moments'. The other videos are an inspiring watch too! 

What's inspired you this week? What helps you to keep going?