Fresh approaches to Third Sector Leadership

Time, lack of money, increased responsibility and workload - these are challenges faced by managers and leaders across the sector - but what's the advice? 
What leadership changes enable organisations to deliver higher quality services?
And what does leadership look like? 

I think of myself as a leader but I am in ‘middle’ management, not on SMT (senior management team).
— Third sector professional

Leadership can be found in all areas. We often think of leading being connected to the person,  the manager or chief executive,  but we all have experience of situations where leadership is exhibited not by those "in charge" but by others across the organisation. Sometimes this can be negative, with a member of staff dictating what happens through emotional pressure. Other times this can be a really positive impact on an organisation where people achieve and do more because of the leadership shown by one person. 
We wanted to get the experience and knowledge from someone who has spent time working with numerous different teams and organisations to see how organisations can capitalise on this, utilising leadership as an attribute across teams and create more impactful organisations and better places to work from. 


We spoke with Jeanne Hardacrefrom Impact4, Jeanne is a recognised leadership expert and is passionate about creating workplaces which recognise leadership across the organisation, bringing a better work environment not only for those who operate there but also in terms of the outcomes from that organisation. Jeanne and has worked with numerous organisations from charities, to the NHS and schools and so has lots of experience of the challenges faced and the hurdles people feel when implementing change.

Take a listen to our first podcast (I think we can call it that) as we talk through fresh approaches to leadership with her, (PS if, like me you like to know how long your commitment is then it's under 20 minutes of leadership gold)

Want more? 

Take a look at this article from the HBR about utilising teams to create more effective teamwork - "curiosity, passion and empathy" made for a winning formula - and third sector organisaions are filled with people teaming with those traits - how much could we be achieveing. 

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