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From spending on admin to over simplifying - what's the not for profit to do!

September usually brings with it a breath of fresh air and a renewed energy for developing our skills and looking at new ideas or rediscovering old ones! 
We've used this weeks newsletter to look at a few things that we've been tweeting about in more detail than 140 characters. 
The first was a recent article by Giving Evidence  Good charities spend more on administration than less good charities spend  

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Problem solving - it's what the third sector does so why is it digital innovation is hard?

Problem solving - it's what the third sector is particularly good at. They are the people on the front line dealing with some of the most difficult and transient problems society faces. There's no money tree available and we have to think agilely and responsively to the current circumstances - all key skills which are relevant to the digital sector but yet as a sector we are far behind - with Almost half of all charities in the of UK lacking basic digital skills, according to Lloyd's Bank UK Digital Index and the State of the Sector report suggesting that there's “limited understanding among charities of what digital and data can achieve”.

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