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What makes a great charity website?

– yes, we know that there are a lot of other ingredients that go into a really good website but ultimately if it’s just a fancy shop front with nothing to back it up - it isn’t going to work. We know that there are many amazing charities, social enterprises, voluntary groups out there so we know there is massive potential! But we know that many lack the confidence!

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Using your website to tell a story

In the previous blog post we talked about identifying a purpose for your website and getting clear on actions that you want website visitors to take. This week, we'll be using that information to plan the framework for our example campaign website that we're going to make on the 19th January, and thinking and how we're going to encourage people to take those actions. We're also going to choose a name for the campaign!

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Why it's important to think about the purpose of a website

For our first café of 2017 we'll be taking a look at how to create a great website for your organisation, but there's a twist... Katy Carlisle from The Wheel Exists will be creating a website from start to finish, live during the café. In the next few weeks we'll be looking at what she's doing in preparation for the café in order to maximise the time available on the day for actually building the website. 

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