Start a TSC

We want the Third Sector Café to grow, with more cafes opening up around the country. It’s a great way to provide a valuable resource which can make a real difference for your local community. 

The types of people that are interested in starting cafes are:

  • Local authorities 
  • Infrastructure organisations & networks
  • Venues
  • Third sector organisations
  • Third sector suppliers such as consultants, marketing, printing companies

Get in touch for more information.

Host an Open Space Event

Tired of having events where the audience is passive and unresponsive? 
Want to try something that engages people? 

Open Space events start with the principle that everyone matters and its amazing the difference that makes. 

How do you get that? 

We can work with you to train you how to be a great facilitator, getting so much more from your events and creating a great way to work together.


Book Us As Your Event Facilitators

Want an event that does more than just talk at people? 

How many times have you been at events where you are talked at, given leading questions and having left feeling that you haven’t had the chance to think through your thoughts and ideas leaving you no further on the way to finding your solution to your issue? 

Book us as your facilitators for your event and we can help you make the most out of your event.