Becky Slack, Slack Communications

Becky is the founder and managing director of Slack Communications. Motivated by a desire to share the inspiring stories of charities, social enterprises and SMEs, she founded the agency in March 2013. She finds her work hugely exciting and rewarding, and loves the variety it offers. One week she may be designing a global media strategy for a charity, the next writing a report aimed at enhancing business practices for the benefit of wider society. She can also often be found chairing events attended by politicians, business leaders and academics, debating the key challenges facing the world today.

Becky’s journey into the media industry started early; as a youngster, she’d spend her after-school hours cutting out and re-arranging bits of old magazines into new and improved publications. These first forays into editing turned into a 19-year career as a communications professional, initially within TV and radio production for the BBC and The Seven Network before turning her hand to journalism and then fundraising and communications. Throughout this time, Becky has successfully relaunched one title, Professional Fundraising; launched another Charity Insight, edited several in-house publications, including supplements for the New Statesman, and raised more than £350,000 for good causes.

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