Angela Wright, Northern College

I have held the role of Community Leadership Coordinator at Northern College for approximately 3 years. Previously I have spent 10 years working with a variety of different communities delivering community education on behalf of several organisations in South Yorkshire. I have successfully developed and delivered 2 community projects on behalf of the Big Lottery and a Local Authority. Before I had a career break and kids I worked with in a community of people whom experienced the challenge of autism and associated disabilities.

As an individual I have managed a lot of change, the biggest of which has been parenting. This has helped me to develop my own resilience and confidence around change, which has impacted on the work that I continue to be involved in at Northern college. I am also an active volunteer within my local community and church life.

My passion for work is to empower individuals to actively get involved in community life. By delivering a variety of courses, developing coaching and mentoring opportunities many people have discovered themselves in a new way. People discover new skills, new confidences, begin to like the sound of their own voice. this has a wider positive impact on families, communities and organisations, and really helps people to understand and practice change management on a smaller more personal level.

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