90 day planning

90 Day Action Planning is a way to help people prioritise their workloads, reduce stress and get more productive. Sophy has been trying it out - it's harder than it sounds!

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Sophy Hallam
Making the changes - our story

Ever since Laura and her family decided they were moving to America, we’ve been thinking about what it meant for the future of the Third Sector Café. The café has been a joint project from the start, and the option to -carry on without Laura didn’t really seem much fun for Sophy, back in not-as-sunny-as-Atlanta Sheffield. We did consider packing up the cafe – over 6 years we’ve both put in many voluntary hours and perhaps – at the end of the day – that could be said to be enough? But…. 

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Sophy HallamHarland Works
From spending on admin to over simplifying - what's the not for profit to do!

September usually brings with it a breath of fresh air and a renewed energy for developing our skills and looking at new ideas or rediscovering old ones! 
We've used this weeks newsletter to look at a few things that we've been tweeting about in more detail than 140 characters. 
The first was a recent article by Giving Evidence  Good charities spend more on administration than less good charities spend  

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Who Said Tender Deadline........... 🤔

Tender writing in small charities often brings with it a lot of stress and responsibility. The thought of not winning the tenders often means job loses and the end of a service which you believe in - being a part of a smaller organisation this also means that you know the people and issues personally - so the pressure can feel over whelming.

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What do digital solutions look like for charities with limited budget?

What do digital solutions look like for charities with limited budgets and no IT departments we talked to the talented guys at Endeavour to see what day to day solutions they use and what tech challenges /changes they are facing.

Developing your presence now has digital implication - at Endeavour they knew they wanted to increase their presence but that it would also take a tech investment

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