Our Purpose

Sometimes called the 'Third Sector’, the many clubs, charities, social enterprises and community groups share many challenges as they respond to the twin pressures of austerity and recession. 

Founded in 2012 the Third Sector Café is not a physical café, but lives online as a monthly Café Discussion (like a Café Scientifique). Anyone is welcome to come along to share our discussion of the issue of the month.

Third Sector Café is always an enjoyable as well as inspiring morning.
— Cat, Third Sector Café Attendee

Our Team

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Our Approach

Learning first hand from your peers is a great – and affordable – way of accessing a pool of up-to-date, practical know how on how things really work. Our approach uses a range of best practice techniques to help you connect with a peer network that works for you. 

A chance to share experience - common issues and challenges.
— Third Sector Café Attendee

Our Speakers

From recruiting trustees to writing winning tenders, from using social media to making community buildings pay… the rich variety of our speakers reflects our broad ranging interests.

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